Pure Distilling Package
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Product Description
Pure distilling package deal over $1,000 worth of equipement for $750.00
So what comes in our new kit you ask?
1 x Stainless steel Boiler/Fermenter.
1 x Smell Eliminator so you can ferment in our stainless boiler/fermenter.
1 x Condenser with new high yield output tap.
1 x 10 litre plastic filter still using stainless internals.
9 x Flavours that make 2.25ltr each bottle.
1 x Yeast, Crystal Clear, Spirit Enhancer, Conditioner & Easy Clean.
1 x 60cm Plastic Paddle.
1 x Stick on thermometer.
1 x Alarmed thermometer
1 x Stainless long plug so you can collect straight into the filter then dilute to 40% pull the plug and filter all in one easy method.
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