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Grainfather & Sparging Urn (Limited Time ONLY!)
Grainfather & 18 litre Sparging Urn-$1170.00 for a limited...
Grainfather Connect and Sparging Urn
Special price for Grainfather Connect and Sparging Urn
Grainfather Stainless Steel Conical Fermenter Compete
Comes complete with Digital Temperature Controller and Dual...
Grainfather Digital Temperature Controller
Easily snaps in place on the grainfather conical fermenter....
Gratherfather Conical Fermenter Dual Valve Tap
Unique two way valve system or valve within a valve- dump...
Grainfather Connect
Grainfather Connect. The latest Grainfather model includes...
Connect Control Box
Automation without removing the fun of brewing, be as involved...
The Grainfather takes the best brewing practises from Craft...

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