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Weyerman Pilsner (Per Kilo)
EBC 3 -5 (mash required): Pilsner base malt for all pilsners,...
Joe White Pilsner (Per Kilo)
EBC: 3.5. Produces pale gold beer with a malty, slightly...
Joe White Wheat (Per Kilo)
EBC: 3.5. Up to 70% for Wheat beers. 5 - 10% in all beers...
Maris Otter (Per Kilo)
EBC: 5. Use up to 100% as a base ale malt.
Joe White Vienna  (Per Kilo)
EBC: 6-10. Up to 50% for Marzen Bocks and festival beers
Joe White Pale Ale Grain (Per Kilo)
EBC: 5.5-7. Can make up to 100% of the grain bill.
Joe White Light Munich (Per Kilo)
EBC: 18. Up to 100% for Octoberfests, Marzens and Bocks....
Joe White Dark Munich (Per Kilo)
EBC: 25.0 - 35.0. Good for brewing amber and dark lagers...
Joe White Amber Malt (Per Kilo)
EBC: 30 - 60. Amber malt is the lightest of the roasted...
Joe White Cara Malt (Per Kilo)
EBC: 5. Up to 10%. A light crystal, adds a light sweet caramel...
Joe White Light Crystal (Per Kilo)
EBC: 150. Produced in a similar way to crystal barley malt,...
Joe White MediumCrystal (Per Kilo)
EBC: 145. Up to 5%. Adds sweet, stronger caramel notes and...
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