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Amarillo 50g
Beautiful aromatic hop. Amarillo has a real stone fruit...
Cascade 50g
Cascade hops are flowery & citrusy with a grapefruit note....
Cluster 50g
Cluster hop is an excellent general purpose hop. Nice in...
Citra 50g
Citra is a new USA hop which to us has very similar aroma...
Chinook 50g
Chinook hops are of medium intensity, spicy, piney, distinctive...
Fuggles 50g
Long associated with typical English Ale brewing. Delicate,...
East Kent Goldings Hop UK 50g
The No1 flavour/aroma hop in English bitters. Floral & fragrant.East...
Galaxy 50g
Galaxy has a striking flavour, described as a combination...
Hersbruker 50g
A fine German hop. It has a red wine, tobacco like aroma....
Hallertau 50g
A close descendant of Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, bred for disease...
Magnum 50g
This high-alpha variety has no real distinct aroma character,...
Moteuka 50g
An absolutely unique Saaz like flavour with it's own distinctive...
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